ACE Regenerative Systems

ACE Regenerative Systems

Brief Description :

  • Regenerative system is a system which is a Grid locked, and can be used in various applications where active load bank is not at all required.
  •  To test any equipment like Alternators, Motors, Power Transformers, Battery Chargers, DG Sets, Rectifier units etc. we require to load them at full power which is wasted through either resistor bank, salt water banks etc.
  • ACE Active regenerative system makes your own 3PH grid as load and regenerates the power for your own use and only takes the e iciency loss power from the source or service provider.

Features :

  • IGBT Based system dynamically regenerates power back for active use.
  • Takes only the system active loss power from the source. Hence saves active test load power.
  • Current Harmonics THDi < 10%

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