Detuned Reactors

Detuned Reactors

The increasing use of modern electronics has increased THDi demand from the source which has increased THDv of the source. This nonlinear current influences the network with harmonics, polluting the line.

The typical THDv resonates with the shunt power capacitors in PFC panels resulting undesirable effects :
  • Amplification of Harmonics.
  • Over Loading of Capacitors.
  • Overloading of Transmission lines.
  • Over Loading of Transformers.
  • Voltage Distortion.
  • Interference with metering, controls etc.

Features & Advantages

  • The resonance can be avoided by connecting Detuned reactors in series with power capacitors.
  • Can be operated in high Harmonics environment.
  • High linearity >= 180%.
  • Low dB.
  • Insulation ‘H’ Class.
  • Easy mounting.
  • Low Watt
  • Loss/Kg.
  • Natural Cooled & Compact.


  • Power Factor Correction Panels.
  • Anti Resonance facility requirements.
  • Line Pollution mitigation systems.
  • Power Loss Management Industries.